The MIT Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity (LMP), established in 1977, is an interdisciplinary organization of faculty and students at MIT with three major goals:

  • the development of the fundamental principles of manufacturing processes, machines, and systems;

  • the application of those principles to the manufacturing enterprise; and 

  • the education of students and professionals both on campus and worldwide.

Our affiliated faculty and research groups include:


Prof. Alexander Slocum; Precision Engineering Research Group
Dr. Brian Anthony: Co-Director of Device Realization Center
Prof. David Hardt
Prof. David Trumper
Prof. Emanuel Sachs
Prof. John Hart; (Director, LMP and APT), Mechanosynthesis Group
Prof. Jung-Hoon Chun
Prof. Kamal Youcef-Toumi; Mechatronics Research Laboratory
Prof. Kripa Varanasi; Varanasi Research Group
Prof. Martin Culpepper
Prof. Nam Suh (Emeritus)
Prof. Sang-Gook Kim; Micro Nano Systems Liboratory
Prof. Sanjay Sarma (Vice President for Open Learning),
Prof. Stephen Graves
Prof. Timothy Gutowski; Environmentally Benign Manufacturing
Prof. Tonio Buonassisi; Photovoltaics Research Laboratory


For any questions, please contact Prof. John Hart at ajhart@mit.edu
For administrative matters please contact Justin Silva at jsilva25@mit.edu


The Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity


Since its establishment in 1977, the LMP has grown to include 14 faculty and senior research staff, who conduct research and educate over 60 students in the areas of design, analysis, and control of manufacturing processes and systems. The laboratory seeks to establish a rational foundation for manufacturing based on a systematic understanding of the complex interactions among the varied areas of manufacturing. Research in these areas has led to innovation in manufacturing processes and a better understanding of planning, design, and production operations.


The laboratory draws upon faculty and staff from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, but participates in wide-ranging programs that involve many other departments and programs at MIT. Representatives of industrial firms associated with the laboratory's research and education also contribute important perspectives.