1. Are there any job opportunities at the LMP and how do I apply?

The LMP advertises open positions and evaluates candidates who apply through MIT’s Staffing and Career Development Services website.

Current Open Position:
There no current openings at LMP.

2. Are there any UROP opportunities at the LMP and how do I apply?

We endeavor to post all UROP opportunities whenever possible, however, many research opportunities can be found by referral or direct contact with a faculty member. You can also review the summary of LMP’s faculty supervisors and research programs on the UROP website.

As an interdepartmental research laboratory, LMP hosts UROP appointments that are direct-funded and supervisor-funded. Once you and your intended faculty supervisor have agreed to a research proposal, please prepare a 1-3 page proposal and complete a UROP coversheet. The UROP coversheet requires three signatures: student, faculty supervisor and the UROP Coordinator for LMP, Professor Jung-Hoon Chun.

Any questions regarding applications for credit should be referred to your faculty supervisor’s academic department.

3. I would like to conduct research at LMP as a visiting scholar or visiting student. How do I do this?

All candidates of MIT’s visiting scholar and student programs must have an MIT faculty or senior research staff person to host their MIT application. The application process for both categories requires information regarding, but not limited to, your degree and employment status, sources of financial support, past visa status to the United States and TOEFL exam scores. You and your faculty host should also agree to and provide a brief research proposal.

For non-US citizens: Most visitor applications to the LMP are submitted in the J visa category. Once an application is complete, and has been reviewed and accepted by MIT’s international scholar or student offices, the DS-2019 certification is usually issued in 30 days.

For planning purposes, we recommend you provide 45-60 days to complete the visitor application process and obtain the DS-2019, and allow an additional 30 days to apply for your visa at your local embassy.

Once you and your MIT faculty host have agreed to a research proposal, please contact David Rodriguera to initiate the evaluation and application process.

MIT does not sponsor tourist visas and will refuse any visitor who arrives at MIT in an unsponsored visa status.

4. Does the LMP have any meeting space open to the MIT community?

The Given Lounge (35-520) is available by appointment only. It may be used for meetings and seminars, but not for academic courses, recitations or TA office hours. 

5. I have a large delivery to make to building 35. How can this be done?

Most deliveries are made through MIT’s Mail Services at 32 Vassar Street. If you have an item requiring pallet delivery or rigging, you may require the use of the building 35 freight elevator.

LMP’s freight elevator is externally accessible from the loading dock at the rear of building 35 and it services the first through fourth floors and the basement. The maximum carrying weight is 20,000 lbs. and its floor dimensions are 12’ by 12’.