2012 MIT Auto-ID Labs Big Data Conference!

2012 MIT Auto-ID Labs Big Data Conference
Big, Cloudy and Mobile Applications in omni-channel retail supply chain, smart transportation logistics and mobile retail commerce October 9-10, 2012

Co-Sponsors: the Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions Association (VICS), GS-1, the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council Big Data Cluster and the MIT Industrial Liaison Program.
Big data initiatives are cropping up across every industry and market sector. Where are the information layers and synergies to bring this information together so it can be put to meaningful use? Major themes of this conference include Big Data, data analytics, information layers, monetizing Big Data, and Big Data infrastructure.

At this conference, MIT research leaders will present emerging technologies and new applications from MIT including the Auto-ID Laboratory, the SENSEable City Laboratory, CSAIL, the MIT Sloan School and related companies. This event brings together an impressive roster of industry leaders, MIT faculty and standards data organization (SDO) representatives for a one and a half-day conference October 9-10 on, “Big Data: Big, Cloudy and Mobile – applications in retail supply chain, transportation logistics and mobile retail commerce.”

This event builds on Massachusetts’ Big Data Initiative and the Auto-ID Lab’s mission to create an Internet of Things using RFID and Wireless Sensor Networks using a single numbering system called the Electronic Product Code. MIT Auto-ID Labs is uniquely positioned to build momentum behind game changing standards/specifications/industry best practices.

The second day of the conference will feature industry panels and breakout sessions the morning of October 10 organized with VICS and MHTC Big Data Cluster. Topics range from “the Omni Channel Supply Chain – retail stores as on-line fulfillment centers,” to "Cloud-based city services,” and to “Mobile Retail Commerce such as in store checkout and NFC smartphone-to-PoS “contactless” data exchange.”

Participants include senior industry R&D and technology leaders, corporate strategists, and other senior business and technical management. The conference features a competition for startups and spinoffs in big data and mobile retail commerce. The winners will display and discuss their technologies during lunch October 9. Mark your calendar and join us at MIT!