Stephen Graves

Stephen C. Graves is the Abraham J. Siegel Professor of Management Science, with joint appointments in Mechanical Engineering Department and the Engineering Systems Division. Graves received his A.B. and M.B.A. from Dartmouth College and completed his Ph.D. in operations research from the University of Rochester. Since 1977 he has been on the faculty at MIT. He teaches classes in mathematical modeling and analysis, as applied to decision making in the context of manufacturing, supply chains and distribution systems.

His primary research interests are in the design and planning of manufacturing systems and supply chains; recent efforts have considered supply-chain optimization, the evaluation of manufacturing flexibility and various tactical issues arising in inventory planning for e-retailing.

Some examples of current projects are: Optimization of the inventory for low-volume items in a multi-warehouse system with centralized control; Supply chain capacity planning for new products with uncertain demand; Inventory planning for items with multiple demand classes; Strategic safety stocks for supply chains with forecast evolution; Optimization of inbound flows of material from multiple suppliers.

A resume, as well as recent papers, can be found at web site: