In the past, we have seen significant new trends in research and education within the laboratory. The three emerging research areas are:

Micro- and Nano- Scale Manufacturing

Micro- and Nano-Scale Manufacturing Research in this area is focused on developing manufacturing techniques for technologies on the micro- and nano-scales. Research in this area includes processes for microfluidics devices, nanopositioning systems, fuel cells, and electronics, as well as general manufacturing techniques and systems for small scales.

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Manufacturing Systems and Information

Manufacturing Systems and Information Technology This research area includes The Data Center and the Auto-ID Laboratory, as well as the Park Center for Complex Systems.  These groups study intricate large-scale systems and find new applications for information technology for management and simulation.

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Renewable Energy and Environmentally
Benign Manufacturing

Focusing on sustainable technologies and manufacturing techniques, this area encompasses research in photovoltaics and fuel cells, as well as analysis of the environmental effects associated with manufacturing.

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